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Collagen Braid Dog Chew (small)

Collagen Braid Dog Chew (small)

6" collagen braid chew  (no rawhide)

These are great, long-lasting chews.  Once your pup has tried these, you WILL continue to buy them.  They are that good.

- one of out TOP FIVE  SELLING CHEWS -

NO RAWHIDE - These Braided Collagen Sticks are made from a layer of tissue called the dermis, which is nutritious (made of about 70% collagen) and has a firm and elastic texture.

Collagen is a naturally occurring protein found in the skins, bones, and cartilage of cows. Cow collagen has numerous benefits, such as helping alleviate osteoarthritis symptoms, preventing bone loss, and improving skin and coat health. Our Collagen Sticks are an abundant source of natural collagen.

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